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Juicy King's strawberry lemonade is so delicious...MORE PLEASE!” - Saniya (age 9)


"Myles’ lemonade has lots of flavor. It has a rich organic taste. My daughter and I visit his stand in Kroger every year.” - Krishna (age 27)


"Myles' lemonade is delicious" - Vicki  (age 53)


 "Myles watermelon lemonade is really really good" - Collette (age 56)


”Myles lemonade...WOW!!! The drinks were totally tasty. Offering a few different flavors was a wonderful idea. I can’t wait to get a lot more.” - Sharon  (age 60)



Myles Brown is the CEO and Founder of Juicy King. Myles started his lemonade business at age 7. 


Juicy King products include freshly squeezed, organic lemonade and snow cones.  Juicy King sells strawberry, blueberry, watermelon and organic lemonade. Snow cones are also offered in a variety of flavors including: cherry, strawberry, fruit punch, pineapple, cotton candy, grape, lime and lemonade.

Recognizing 1 in 5 students struggle with reading, Myles dedicates his lemonade to literacy and commits to helping students reach their greatest potential. ​Over the past 5 years, Myles has donated to Neuhaus Education Agency, giving the gift of literacy to approximately 100 students!

Myles is a FBISD Honor Roll student and Lemonade Day/Houston, 2020 Student of the Year. Myles is the proud recipient of Lemonade Day - Houston, 2021 Entrepreneur of the Year award!

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